The Sacred Path Clinic

The Sacred Path Clinic takes you on a journey through the centre of yourself.

Vibrational Healing allows the practitioner to communicate with your body systems and body wisdom to effect healing on an energetic level. 

Our body communicates with us in many different ways; whether through traditional medicine using anatomy and physiology; or osteopathy accessing subtle energy pathways in the body to effect change; or a chiropractor who accesses muscle and bone structure for realignment.

Energy needs to flow around and through our bodies, chakras and auric field.  Stuck energy causes blockages that damage our auric field, then it moves into our chakras and eventually our physical body systems.  

We are able to work and communicate on all levels of our being - emotional, mental, physical and spiritual.

This type of energy work is completely complimentary to any other kind of traditional medicine, or non-traditional therapy that you may be undertaking.  Because we are connecting to your soul essence and your soul is directing the energy to where it needs to go for the most benefit at the time, you are always in control on a very deep level.

Within, you will discover the true being that you are and have always been.

We really are majestic spirits having the privilege of a human experience.  And more often than not we require some help along the way. 

There are many ways that help can come, and energy healing has its place in allowing you to release emotional blockages, old experiences and core beliefs that may no longer be serving you at this time.

To be able to live fully in the present and in a conscious state of mind is a goal worth working towards.


  • Chrissy Lilburn
    Chrissy Lilburn has been an energy healer since 1999 working in Auckland, Whangamata and Great Barrier Island.
  • The Clinic
    Offering a sacred space for healing, balancing, restoring wellbeing and helping to make your everyday life more comfortable.
  • What Is Energy?
    Energy is alway in motion, discover what this means in your life and how you can harness this energy.
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    My personal journeys on The Sacred Path in New Zealand and while travelling overseas.