Healing Our Inner Child

Healing Our Inner Child

When working with healing our Inner child it is not simply a matter of clearing the damage from this lifetime, or damage that has been brought through from a past lifetime, but looking to see if any of the energy bodies have been permanently affected.  The first level we work in is the Mind Grid Level.

The Mind Grid Level

The Mind Grid is the outer octave (the sound resonance that holds it all together) of the mental body, the place where karma is programmed into human and animal energy. 

It looks like a domed gold screen or mesh and contains all of the consensus realities of the planet and our culture. 

All of the beliefs of Earth, our country, and our family are programmed into the Mind Grid via the DNA by the time of birth. 

These basic beliefs are compounded by everything we learn, correctly or incorrectly, from birth on.  These belief systems can be highly difficult to change, but often changing them is vital for our continued growth. 

Mind Grid levelsReleasing through the Mind Grid level is a way of reprogramming the karmic computer, literally changing your mind.

Neurological defects can reflect damage or tears in the Mind Grid.  If you are dyslexic, for example, you may have a Mind Grid with tears or holes in it, knots, or pulled and broken wires in the mesh. 

In this level we ask for the releasing of stroke damage, visual difficulties, and dis-eases of the mind and brain.

The DNA Level

The DNA is the code directing what we look like, who we become, and how our cells and organs grow.  DNA carries, however, more than our physical characteristics. 

It carries all the directions to form and heal our energy bodies, levels, chakras and systems – all of our non-physical anatomy, including our mental and spiritual structures and the programming of the Mind Grid.  It also carries the programming of the karma we incarnate with. 

For a permanent change to occur in many karmic release issues, the DNA must be reprogrammed, reconnected, and healed.

Most of the instructions for our spiritual evolution are excluded from the two-strand DNA we currently carry.  Life on Earth began with twelve DNA strands, not two, but the other five pairs were disconnected long ago.

When working with Karma from the Outer Levels of our energy bodies our 12-strand DNA needs to be fully connected so the changes and releases can occur. 

This does not mean that the 12-strand DNA is fully plugged in, as this would certainly blow all your circuits and must be done gradually as your light increases. 

Once this connection has been made it clears the way for major healing on all levels and for the vital expansion of our abilities.  With your full complement of DNA, your psychic abilities may increase significantly.

Karmic Contracts

As already discussed these are the agreements made between each individual and the Lords of Karma and our guides before birth. 

These agreements are carefully thought through, agreed to, and devised with maximum soul growth in mind.  However, we are programmed to forget these agreements at the time we are born. 

These contracts can be revised – they are being revised and rewritten continually.  To release a situation from the Karmic Contract requires completion of the required learning. 

Releasing the Karmic Contract provides the learning necessary for the release.  The karmic record of all a soul’s many incarnations is called the Akashic Record. 

Release of an issue through the Karmic Contract level also revises the Akashic Record for all relevant lifetimes for that issue.

The Core Soul Level

The Core Soul is all energy above the physical, emotional, and mental bodies.  This includes the next higher octave, which contains the Etheric body, astral body, and Mind Grid, plus all the spiritual bodies and levels. 

Our energy is composed of numerous reflecting octaves and layers of bodies and levels, chakra systems, template doorways, and the non-physical wiring to connect them all. 

Asking for healing on the Core Soul level and beyond carries the release much more deeply through our very complex energy systems.

What must usually be healed at these levels is Core Soul damage, rather than karma.  Unhealed soul damage carries forward from lifetime to lifetime. 

The damage can occur when the soul is formed and separated from the Light or any time thereafter.  It is usually damage to the energy levels themselves rather that to the physical body, damage that often occurs between lifetimes.

 Damage that can happen between lifetimes is usually when a soul has not gone to the Light in the first instance and has either not realised that they have passed over or, for a variety of reasons are not yet ready to go to the Light. 

These souls may hang around and wait until their burial has been completed and they may be strongly connected to someone still living and are unable to disconnect and leave the Earth plane.  They can also get stuck in the lower levels of the Astral plane and become mischievous spirits and ghosts.