Our Divine Inner Child

Our Divine Inner Child

Our souls require experience on Earth.  At this point in our history, they have been here many, many times before, accumulating experience.  There will be some outstanding accounts that need to be seen in order for the books to balance.

It may simply be to experience an uneventful life of peace and prosperity (for a change).  It may be that there has been a long, outstanding interaction with another soul, who will be part of your group that needs to be resolved with love and forgiveness.  

The Reincarnating Soul

Like a wagon train, we incarnate with the same group over lifetimes, but in each incarnation we will play different roles and switch genders.  Perhaps there is unfinished business concerned with passion or power, isolation or illness, betrayal or bereavement.  There are as many possible scenarios as there are experiences.

Before coming down to be part of the “wagon train” again the soul reflects on what experiences are required during this incarnation.  It asks:  “what sort of parents do I need to help me with that experience”  (remember, no judgement is being made about it being good or bad?)  “In what sort of conditions do I need to find myself in, in order to learn?”.

There will be guidance and loving support from Light Beings and others in the soul group, and the “contract” will be drawn up between souls for joint experience.  Perhaps the soul of your father or mother contracts to play the difficult role of villain of the piece in order for you to come to a point of forgiveness and understanding that sets you both free. 

Perhaps another soul commits to a short incarnation and leaves its physical body early, giving others the opportunity of coming to terms with the grief and loss of a child – giving them the chance to turn this pain into something positive.  Who knows?  The soul certainly does.  Which brings us back to the importance of the inner, or Divine Child.

The soul may not fully engage with the body it is going to inhabit until up to a couple of days after birth.  Only the Crown and Base chakras are open at birth to make the connection between Heaven (or Home) and Earth.  As the fetus grows into a baby, and is still very much in contact with Home, so the soul’s commitment to this little body grows with it.  It will begin to pick up the feelings that are going on within the mother that is housing it.  And it will become increasingly aware also of her moods and interactions with others.

The Journey of the New Soul

The soul has just come from a place of unconditional Love, a place of beauty and fine vibration, a place of unity and peace.  It is much harder for a soul to arrive into a gross, divided, and often hostile world than it is to leave at death and go Home. 

Imagine the effects on a new-born baby’s soul of the more interventionist methods of childbirth – lights, peering faces, metal instruments, and being turned upside down and slapped on the back to make it take its first breath.  It is enough to make anyone think twice about whether this was a safe place to be! 

The new born, innocent and vulnerable soul-child is totally dependent on others for its survival.  Physical survival, while obviously fundamental is secondary to the importance of nurture and love.  Through love, it retains its sense of “connection”.  It has just come from a place where Love is the force that holds everything together. 

The expression of anything other than love from its earthly parents is taken on as being due to some fault of its own.  The feelings of guilt and unworthiness implanted in the first three years of life are almost universal.

The Fragmented Soul

The Inner Child resides in the emotional body level which is fragile and easily fragmented.  In response to a shock, a part of her may break off.  These parts look like the whole Be-ing, but will remain the age appearance of when the splitting occurred. 

There can be many of these astral parts or soul fragments, and a particularly severe shattering can result in these fragments becoming multiple personalities.  Each split leaves the emotional body a little more damaged and a little more vulnerable to further damage.  There may be dozens of soul fragments from many lifetimes. 

The healed Inner Child lives in the Heart Complex.  She is the innocence, joy and beauty we were meant to experience as children, and also meant to retain as adults. 

The wounded Inner Child in the Belly Chakra reacts to pain and damage;  she received and expects to receive, repeated emotional hurts.  In the heart when she is healed, she gives and receives love instead. 

From the beginning, mostly the world becomes frightening because we have little to do with the shaping of our world.  We sense what is going on around us through our static-free little auric field.  Let’s say we experience a trauma of some kind, something that makes us feel unsafe.  It might be hearing our parents argue or being left unattended in our cot. 

The open, vulnerable, trusting and innocent Divine Soul-Child splits off and goes somewhere safer, or maybe disappears within.  We begin to use coping strategies in our attempts to regain our sense of connection and to feel more secure, but the Divine Child may remain on the ceiling, on top of the wardrobe or anywhere where it is safe to observe, because being at home in the body is scary.