The 12 Meridians

The 12 Meridians

The Chinese mapped out meridians, which are invisible energy pathways throughout the body through which life force energy flows. 

Each meridian is linked energetically with an organ, gland or part of the body.  For example, a malfunctioning lung may cause an imbalance in the energy flow of the lung meridian or vise versa. 

The meridian system is closely connected with the function of the nervous system.  Interference with the nervous system caused by illness or stress can cause the loss of proper electrical signals in the body.  Correcting the meridian system assists the nervous system and the body’s communication network allowing the body to function better and heal.

Our spirit uses the energy system which works through the network of the meridians to channel energy through the body.  They are the means of controlling the central nervous system. 

The meridians and their vital points have two basic functions.  One is to circulate and distribute energy to the organs, glands, brain, limbs, bones and other tissues of the body.  The other is to send warning signals back to the brain whenever an organ is ailing or an area of the body over which a meridian passes is injured. 

The brain then responds by triggering healing and repair mechanisms via the nervous system.  The human healing response is thus regulated by a closed circuit electrical control system which links the energy system to the nervous, endocrine, and circulatory systems, with the brain serving as the central switchboard.

There are fourteen major meridians in the body and these are all associated with specific parts of the body and emotional responses.  When these meridians become blocked the rest of the body that was being nourished by the continuous flow now suffers.  Illness and disease can result if the flow is not restored.

In research conducted by Burr and Kim “it would appear that the meridian system forms an interface between the etheric and the physical body.  The meridian system is the first physical link established between the etheric body and the developing physical body”.  Thus the organised energetic structure of the etheric body precedes and guides the development of the physical body.

When a meridian becomes over energised it will begin to show as a physical symptom.  The over energised meridian is also draining energy from another part of the body.  We need to locate the over energised meridian and bring it back into balance thus bringing up the under energised meridian automatically.

In Qigong circles it is believed that there are five ‘gates’ where the Qi of the body is able to communicate with the surrounding environment and regulate the Qi level in the body.  Two are the centres of the palm, two are the soles of the feet and the fifth gate is the face.  The face is connected to many organs.  When Qi levels are normal, it will be evident in the face.  These five ‘gates’ are also the places where we are most sensitive to energy.