The Hara Line

The Hara Line

Everything we do rests on the foundation of our intentionality in the moment we do it.  For example, we can say any particular set of words has a normal meaning, but the way we deliver that set of words can change their meaning.  We fill our words with the energy of our feelings, and how we deliver those words conveys just what we really intend.

The energy that carries and delivers those words is different and looks different in the auric field.  What has changed is the intention under the words.  It is our intentionality that creates the energy in the auric field that then conveys the actual message.  The result is that we have accomplished what we intended – we have delivered the message.

The Hara Line originates in a point that is about one metre above the head.  It looks like a very small funnel whose larger end points down over the head.  It represents our first individuation out of the void, or unmanifest God.  Through it, we have our direct connection to the godhead.  This is called the ID Point.

The Hara Line then connects down through a point in the upper chest area that is called the Soul Seat.  Sometimes it is called the high heart and confused with a chakra.  It is not.  Here we carry our spiritual longing that leads us through life.  Within it we can find everything we long to be, do, or become from the smallest thing or moment in our lives to the grandest scale of life itself.

The Hara Line continues down into the tan tien in the lower abdomen.  The note in the tan tien is a harmonic of the sound that the molten core of the earth makes.  It connects us to the power source of the earth.  It is also this one note that holds our body in physical manifestation.  When we change this one note, our entire body changes.  The one note is more than a simple tone that can be heard with normal auditory perception.

The Hara Lines continues down from the tan tien, through the Earth Star Chakra just below our feet, and deep into the centre of the earth’s core.

And it is here that we are connected to the earth and to the sound that the centre of the earth makes.  Once again, sound means more than just sound.  Rather, it probably refers to a vibratory life source. 

By connecting down into the centre of the earth through the Hara Line, we can synchronize our field pulsations with those of the earth’s magnetic field and therefore entrain energy from the earth’s field.   

Each of the three points along the line are in balance, and firmly connected to each other along the laserlike hara line.  In this situation people are healthy, centered in their purpose, and on line with their life tasks.

The alignment of most of humanity’s hara line is not ideal.  Most people are not able to hold their hara line in alignment all of the time.  A few can perhaps hold it more than fifty percent of the time.  Most martial artists, after years of training, are able to hold the lower portion of the hara line that connects between earth and the tan tien.  Some can hold the middle part of the hara from the tan tien to the soul seat. 

Aligning your haric level will align you with your life purpose. 

From: 'Light Emerging The Journey of Personal Healing' by Barbara Ann Brennan