What Are The Light Bodies

Light Body activation is the pathway to Ascension.

Your Light Body is a gridwork of light and sacred geometry that brings together your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being. 

As you become more aware of yourself and spirit, and you awaken to Source and the Creation process, you will automatically start to take more Light into your body and into your cells.  As this process continues you will be activating your Light Bodies and starting to drop density in all its forms.

For some this process can be extremely exhilerating and for all, life changing.  Once you begin there is no going back.  You can't take the Light out of your cells.  And for some it can be more challening to make the changes.

What Actually Happens

DNA In The Light Bodies

Your body radiates light energy and electromagnetically links your multidimensional self with the infinite universe. 

It connects you to your encoded data through high electrical currents that assist you in translating and manifesting your hidden talents and soul purpose.

As you activate, build and integrate your Light Body, you reorganize your molecular structure, allowing your body to be less dense and more free to express itself with the source of the universe.

As part of our new Divine Template and the now accelerated ascension process, the human form is undergoing profound transformation into a Divine-Human or homo luminous.

This multidimensional blueprint is commonly referred to as the Light Body. The Light Body is a new spiritual biochemistry with expanded genetic and DNA structure.

This crystalline or silica-based body of Light is our vehicle of ascension that transports us into the higher dimensional system of new Earth energy.

The Merkaba Body of Light

Merkaba of Light and Ascension

The sacred geometry of the Light Body is also called the "Merkaba".  This is both an Egyptian and Hebrew word for the spinning field of light energy and information that radiates from the human body as the star tetrahedron, also known as the Star of David. 

The Star Tetrahedron is an internal organisational structure of molecules found in natural crystals.

As you awaken, activate and build this Divine Chariot of Light, your cellular structure and entire physiology undergoes mutation, cell metabolism is accelerated and latent DNA coding lights up. 

Shedding bodily density, you will experience mutational symptoms, morphogenic bodily changes, release of old emotional and mental structures and major energetic shifts. 

Light Body activation assists you to heal damaged energy channels and fills in and replenishes the luminous body, providing greater strength and resiliency to the entire energy matrix.

With intentional building and conscious awareness of the Light Body, you can potentially accelerate your shift into higher consciousness and embody more completely the frequencies of Divine Love, One Unity Consciousness and Source energy.

With these finer frequencies of Light you are building, step-by-step, an awareness of the higher dimensions and yourself as you exist in them. 

As you awaken your Light Body you can experience many heightened, blissful, peaceful, loving, joyful and insightful states of consciousness. You can reach higher, expanded states, open your channel upward, and expand your consciousness to experience God or Source directly. 

Benefits of Light Body Activation

Lucid Dreaming in The Light Bodies

Light Body activation can boost one's ability to function multi-dimensionally.

Opening the individual to enhanced access to higher frequency energies, to one's Higher Self and other Illuminated Beings and Guides.

Light Body activation moves you to higher dimensional knowledge and guidance through elevated clarity, improved lucid dream function, intuition, etc.

The effects of activation vary widely depending on many individual factors including one's starting point, the intentions set, and how one chooses to work with the energies available.

Enhanced ability to erase the impact and imprints of personal history

Heightened perception of the Unity of the One

Feelings of expanded lightness and connection with All-That-Is

Developing psychic abilities, remote-viewing skills, etc.

Enhanced lucid dream function

Less self-centeredness and feelings of scarcity

Deepened capacity to freely give and receive love

Expanded ability to remember one's past lives and ancient origins

Heightened capacity to connect with and embody one's Higher Self

Diminished worry, fear and feelings of victimization

Expanded comprehension of one's mission on earth

Increased sense of empowerment, trust in Source, and one's own manifestational abilities

Greater desire to make healthy choices that pull light into the body

Cessation of chronic, persistent physical pain and other body symptoms that may not have yielded to the Illumination Process or traditional treatment modalities

Improved clarity and heightened sense of wonder.

First Light Body Activation

Spirit Guides Assisting Light Body Activation

A profound alteration took place with the first Light Body activation. The Light activated a series of latent encoded information by infusing colour and tone.  The cells mutated first. 

Light Body levels are measured by the ability of your cells to metabolize.  The cells had to change their ability to transform other forms of energy into pure energy.

The mitochondria are used as power- houses or storehouses of energy because they are capable of this transformation.  So they would take in food and transform it into energy.

First the DNA encodements relevant to the Light Body activation literally light up. New directives are given to the cells.  The first directive is to now recognize Light as its energy source along with food.  For the first time in human history, the cells will recognize Light as its energy source.

Now, the cells know that not only food but this light that is coming in, is also an energy that it needs to metabolize.   And a process of ATP to ADP and back to ATP keeps taking place continuously very, very rapidly.  

Although it might seem as though it's such a waste of energy coming in, it isn't, because these rapid changes actually causes the vibrations of the cells to increase, and therefore takes us to higher vibratory levels.

In the first level activation, the synapses in the brain actually increase in number. Several more synapses are formed which means a larger number of spiritual impulses can come through. 

Second Light Body Activation

Etheric Blueprint Body of Light

The six dimensional etheric blueprint is completely flooded with Light and when this happens it begins the release of the four dimensional structures of old karma.

The release of these structures from the etheric body, makes us experience every single karmic experience that we have undergone.  All the karmic experiences will now come back into manifestation in some form or the other.  

The stronger those experiences have been and the stronger the karmic ties are, the stronger will the manifestation be in the present life, and in the physical.

Life seems to take on a see-saw phase, where you have no idea why you are being tossed around by destiny.  Things seem to collapse around you.  Structures and pillars that were your support systems suddenly seem to be pulled out from under you. You go through phases of your life which you would rather never repeat.

Because you are experiencing karmically all that you need to.  Because you need to activate the karmic memory, which in the future light body activations, you will be asked to resolve.   Unless memory is jolted how would we resolve these experiences?

For the first time we are not looking at soul, we are looking at Spirit. "What is my connection to Spirit? Am I Spirit? If so, then what is Spirit?"

Third Light Body Activation

The Energy Matrix of Ascension

The physical senses are beginning to get sensitive.  Extrasensory, you may hear white sound.  Eyesight may suddenly improve. Your senses radically deteriorate and then suddenly change back to maybe better than what they were.  The unexplainable, happens to the physical senses as soon as the third level light body activation takes place.

The etheric bodies have been flooded with Light and the Bio-Transducer 'wakes up'.  It knows that it has to decode that Light. Light is information.  The Bio-Transducer decodes this information that is coming through.

The Light comes from your 5th dimensional axiatonal meridians.  The meridians activate points on the surface of the skin.  They also activate the lymphatic and the circulatory system.  The physical cells go into a spin that is extremely fast.

When the Light is coming into our cells, the mitochondria recognizes Light as an energy source and produces more ATP.  The cells take in greater quantities of Light as 'usable energy'.  

It feels as though an electrical current is going through you rapidly, often felt during meditations.  ATP is changing the light at a very rapid pace into usable energy and transmitting it to your physical. 

Axiatonal Connection

Axiational Activation in the Light BodiesIn the Third Level Light Body our Axiatonal Meridians are also activated and start to open up again.  As these meridians feed energy from the Oversoul into the cells, the spin points in the cells produce colour, sound and light frequencies which are released into our body.   Our bodies are actually converting energy into these three frequencies.

Many thousands of years ago, our axiatonal lines were connected to the grid lines that encircle the planet and these biophysical meridians gave us direct contact with our High Self and Oversoul.  

These grid lines were designed to continue out and connect us to a vastly larger grid, typing us into the entire universe.

When these twelve meridians were disconnected, we found ourselves working with limited resources to continue the creation of amino acids in our body. Once this happened, genetic deviations began to appear in the human race. 

Axiatonal Lines therefore, are the equivalent of the acupuncture meridian system and connect us with our Oversoul and resonant star systems allowing higher frequencies to be stepped down into our third dimensional systems.

The Axiatonal Lines are organised to exchange genetic information throughout the body through a network of messenger cells which are passed on to any part of the body, providing a framework for the necessary function and proper formation of body parts.

Through this projection of light individuals can be reconnected with their adam kadmon image, the perfect blueprint of health and consciousness. 

Once we have made this connection we are able to evolve to the next level, our higher form. 

Once connected the axiatonal lines will bring in all kinds of information, and this can come in the way of taste, smell, aroma, colour, sound, sight and physical sensation.

Fourth Light Body Activation

Brain Infused with Light

Changes now take place not on a physical level, rather on a mental level.  The mental body is now going to get activated, and completely infused with Light.  

With this the brain chemistry greatly changes as do the electro-magnetics of the body. Whenever the etheric bodies are infused with Light physical symptoms have to be experienced.

The hemispheres of the brain want to begin to start firing across both hemispheres at the same time, and you may literally feel electrical energy running across your scalp or down your spine.

At this point you are usually directed to follow Spirit without hesitation or something similar.  Your Spirit begins to put through much wider, vaster pictures of reality or patterning through your energy bodies.

Deeper and deeper levels of the heart are being activated. The heart is no more only a physical organ, because it is going into a higher level of activation ready for the 5th dimension of love and Masterhood.   

It has to change its form.  Not only pumping and taking, it has to do something beyond.  When it opens up there maybe excruciating chest pains if earlier there was complete closure. 

Your mental body begins to view things differently and questions all the 'realities'.  It begins to accept all the wider realties and patterns that Spirit places into your energy bodies.

In the etheric blueprint body, there are twelve-sided etheric crystals and other structures that act as “circuit breakers”, or regulator crystals.

These crystals were placed in the blueprint body before incarnation. This is all part of the creation of the illusion that we are small and limited human beings. It assists us in “forgetting” our multi-dimensional nature.

These regulator crystals within your etheric body start to cause the mental body to begin a radical shift.  

Your etheric body may become uncomfortable and you may start having cluster headaches, seizures, chest pain, blurry vision, or your hearing may go out.

Fifth Light Body Activation

Lucid Dreaming Light Body

By now the mental body is starting to become agitated.  The mind goes through its little play of trying to shut down its emotional body, so that spiritual impulses do not enter.  With the great infusions of light, there is recognition, that there is Spirit.  

Recognizing Spirit there is a need to re-evaluate beliefs, attitudes and our thought processes.  There is a greater willingness to say "I could be wrong", and that there maybe another way of being, living, feeling, of reacting.  This shift continues with the 5th level activation.  The mental body exploring tentatively is still unconvinced that spirit exists.

You may begin to have some flashes of yourself doing other things.  Often, your dream sequencing begins to change.  You begin to remember a little more of your dreams.  Some people open up to lucid dreaming in the fifth level.

You may begin to experience non-linear thought processes.  A lot of survival patterning may start to come up out of the mental body as these patterns begin to drop out. 

The intelligent mental body realizes that the only way to survive this change is to change itself.  What your Spirit needs you to do is to get your mental body to surrender its control so that you can become an active embodied Spirit on this planet, fully conscious on every dimension.

Naturally there is a conflict between the mental ego and the spirit.  Spirit through Light is now trying to get dominance over ego to become a active embodied spirit.

Gradually, it will start controlling the mental body.  The purpose is to be on all the multi-dimensional levels of consciousness.  

Spirit makes the mental body aware of a greater reality.  

Sixth Light Body Activation

Transformation Sixth Level Light Body

Now you are actively, consciously shifting reality pictures out of your field.  At this time, your Spirit is usually putting you into contact with people who are working with the Light body process. 

Maybe Spirit is throwing books at you off of shelves.  You begin to take in vaster understandings of your own reality and how you operate in them.

You may even have experiences of things not being solid.  In your meditations, you may look down and sense that your hand is not solid.  So you may be having flashes of multi-dimensionality.  You may be having flashes of non-linear thinking and feeling like nothing is real.  This can be a real shock for mental-body types.

For some it is a time to contemplate “Do I want to be here?  Do I want to look at all this stuff?  Do I want to be a part of this process?”  A lot of people opt out and that’s okay.  They are doing this process in another life.  You don’t have to do it in all of them.  This is a very painful stage because this is the stage where the entire sense of identity is restructured.   You go through a re-evaluation state this is extremely uncomfortable. 

Divinity was seen as immense, but Ego encases you in worthlessness.  Self worth is at the lowest, feeling useless and worthless.  Instead of exploring your divinity, the choice is to explore limitations.  It is just a different way of reaching the same point. Higher activations is indeed your choice and there can be no judgments to this.

This is a time when you’re likely to change your job, get married, stop being married – all your friends may change, your entire sense of purpose changes and there’s a sense of learning to not be afraid of change.  Learn to relax and let everything flow around you. 

New people will come into your life who are far more in alignment with what you’re here to do that you’ve ever had before.

Descension Begins

Tube of Light Decension ProcessA descension occurs when a vaster part of a person's own Spirit comes to reside in the body. 

Descensions of Spirit are an integral part of the Light Body process. 

Everyone will experience this at some time. 

Often, as Spirit descends into body, a person feels magnificent ecstasy and bliss.  

There may be a sense of revelation, expandedness, clarity of purpose, and the sensation of seeing everything through new eyes.

The subjective experience spans from a pleasant bliss state to complete disorientation.  

How dramatic a descension feels depends upon the degree of Light that a person has integrated previously, the rigidity of a person's beliefs about who they are and why they are here, and how extensively the Spirit chooses to re-pattern the bodies at that time. 

When a Descension begins, the first change that is noticed is usually the sensation of heat, tingling, or electricity around the physical body. 

Seventh Light Body Activation

Heart Opening

When the heart chakra opens more at this level, we become more real with other emotions, we just have to be ourselves!

We release blocks and old patterns – it is a time of great emotional clearing and great intensity as we seek to rid ourselves of emotional baggage. 

We feel more in tune with each moment, feeling very present and flowing with life. Often old relationships end or change rapidly as we dig deep and honour our feelings – there is simply no room for denial on any level.

You become master of yourself and all your bodies.  You not only know you are Light but you have fully integrated it, you are it.

Chakras UnifyingYou are letting go all the hooks and attachments from outer gurus, so called masters and those whose egos need followers. You become free to follow your own soul and learn from the inner planes. 

You are completely immersed in a vast beam of Divine Light that floods your whole being with radiance. The energy is moving Clockwise and Anti- clockwise, in glittering radiant Lights through and around you within the column and you.

All your chakras are spinning balls of Light, they merge into One Chakra.  Your energy field opens and resonates with the higher octaves of yourself.

The heart chakra is now going to open up at deeper and deeper levels.  Emotional blocks at deep levels get opened and there are no restrictions to your 'vastness'.

At this point, if you’ve got blocks in the emotional body.  They really begin to come up, because as you move toward expressing your divinity and your vastness, anything that blocks that vastness begins to release. 

Some of its fun, some of its not.  It depends on how much of a stranglehold the mental body wants to keep.  If the mental body is in sync, the release is usually quick and easy.

At this time we also start to shift from karmic relationships to non-karmic relationships.  We have shifted away from emotional entanglement, attachment, but are fully conscious at a very subtle unacknowledged level.  We are actually embracing “in love”.

The way most chakras are portrayed is that they are conical, narrowing in the centre, and spinning.  Well, they are mutating too. 

First they become spherical-shaped and they radiate in all directions at once. 

The heart chakra takes predominance, it all begins to open up and the chakra system merges into what we call the unified chakra. 

There’s a playfulness that begins to open up at the seventh level of Light Body.  You become a little more childlike in the way you operate.

All the chakras unify from and through the Heart chakra.  It feels wonderful. 

The Gate of Awakening

The Lions Gate Light Body SevenAs we approach the Gate of Awakening (also called the Lions Gate 11:11) we will have honed our skills of self-observation and we will have begun to deepen the process of self-correction.

We take more and more responsibility for who we are and what we are.  Ascension begins and ends in the physical body. 

When we pay attention to the responses of our physical body and keep it healthy and in tune emotionally and mentally, light body activation happens more smoothly.  It is a natural process that responds to a happy, healthy attitude, and healthy body.

When we remember that we are multi dimensional beings experiencing enlightenment, that does not mean that we will not function third dimensionally or continue to learn and grow, rather we will be exploring our heart centres. 

We will become inter dimensional navigators stepping into our own power bringing the gifts of truth and justice to our world.

Our goal is to arrive at the gate of awakening or the ‘eye of the needle’ in good physical condition, without baggage, with a free mind, and a well managed ego. 

Fitness at the physical and etheric level is important, limitations as this level can easily sabotage a perfectly good mission.

When we reach this goal, the feeling is liberation, and it brings with it plentiful energy and strength, but also the stillness, the silence, and the serenity of self-realization.

Our passage through the ‘eye of the needle’ requires that we have embodied light (light body).  Literally, our frequency must be that of the portal’s frequency, which is fire/light. 

Eighth Light Body Activation

Intuitive Brain Eighth Level Light Body

Your system is downloading more and more light and information, especially about yourself and past incarnations.  Your chakra system is unifying into one field of light and the Languages of Light are becoming known to you.

You are now Spirit directed, and all that is not of the light must drop away.  Your only focus is the development of Spirit in Action.  Your guides are more active with you and you are more receptive.  

New pathways in the brain are being developed and this can affects your sight and your hearing.  Audio dyslexia is common, you can hear the words but cannot make sense of them.

The brain is undergoing a change.  It can get unsettling.  When physical changes take place in the brain you experience that which you had not earlier experienced.  

The big joke about eighth level of Light Body is –

“To gain the 95% of my brain that I haven’t used, why did I have to lose the 10% I already had?” 

We also start experiencing changes in personal relationships.  Now Spirit is directing you.  All those persons who wish to hook you through coercion, manipulation, emotional blackmail, and so on, will suddenly start falling away.  

The Fourth Eye

The Fourth Eye Eighth Light BodyThe third eye, located between the eyebrows, is associated with the sixth sense, intuition, gut feeling.  The third eye enhances our ability to tune in to the spiritual.

However, the Fourth eye is the soft spot on top of the head and assists in opening multi-dimensional sight.

The higher octave of the mental body can be reached via a connection of the third eye chakra with the crown chakra.  

At higher and higher levels of activation the The Arc of Covenant is formed.  The fourth eye is completely activated and it releases a rainbow light which goes from the 4th eye to the third.

Higher level, multi-dimensional connection comes into the fourth.  The fourth sends out that light which is received into the third which is your physical connection.

The light is going from the crown to your third eye. 

This is called the Arc of the Covenant.  A rainbow light is sent out, so that you can connect with your multi-dimensional self. 

Once the mental body is fully developed it becomes the mirror of the spiritual body, and the person realizes the wisdom and holistic cognition of the Higher Self in his life.

At this level of Light Body the bodies merge, residuary survival issues that need to be tackled will strongly come to the fore.  

The pituitary and the pineal gland, generally about the size of a pea, begin to grow and change shape.  As they grow, sometimes you will feel pressure in your head or heaviness at the top of your head and the back of the neck. 

You may or may not have headaches off and on through this process.  Ask to increase the endorphins in this area and ease off the pain of the mutation process.  The brain gets bigger and you may experience cranial expansion.  The glands are functioning at a higher level and in a multi-dimensional way.

This is the 4th eye starting to open up and with this you open up to your multidimensional sight.  

Nineth Light Body Activation

The Torus Light Body

Not allowing ego to lead out of habit only with choice.  Now only Spirit guides you.  You are at the threshold of the Tenth dimension.  

You do what you need to do because Spirit wants you to do it."

The I Am PresenceAs you transition into this Light Body, the translation opens and you begin to understand tonal languages.  It becomes something you can recognise, instead of it just affecting you.  These geometries and patterns that you’re working with in your mind become coherent:  they are a language. 

Your Spirit is using these languages to shift the sixth-dimensional structure of your blueprint into a new template for your fifth-dimensional Light body.

You are beginning to embody Divinity.  The seventh-dimensional threshold may activate, causing lower back or hip pain, and a feeling of density in the pelvic floor. 

The seventh-dimensional structures are shifting into alignment with your Oversoul.  New Alpha/Omega structures are opening around the physical body, allowing more energy to pour in. 

The pituitary gland is opening further and producing more growth hormone.  In some women an oestrogen imbalance may occur.  You may feel exhausted, depressed, and alienated.  

You are not interested now in what anyone thinks or says about you.  This is a great shift.  Till this stage there are a few fears, here and there.  

But with this shift you completely experience yourself as Spirit In Action.  The ego is getting weaker and the choices that you make are more Spirit led.

Now you are joined with Christ Oversoul.  This means the highest level of your higher bodies are now one with the highest level of your higher selves. 

You are hooked up with all of them, and are getting ready to join with the Divine Oversoul, and The Source.  

Tenth Light Body Activation

All That Is Tenth Light Body

At this level of Light Body you are becoming fully conscious of being one with the Source and being everything.  

When you are All That Is, what is not you?

You are operating from the vastness of your Spirit and you have all the DNA encodements to fulfil all of your functions as a fully operating Spirit-in Action.

Your fields have become completely unified, your chakras are open are open to the fourteenth chakra.  Your fields are now merged and you are fully hooked into the Christ Oversoul at every level of your being.

You act on your decisions about what to do and how to live your life for the benefit of all mankind.  You are the universe, recreating itself according to your pictures of reality. 

You now begin to work consciously according to your axis.  

Eleventh Light Body Activation

Multi Dimensional Being

Now the universe considers you Master and treats you, and supports you as such.

You are operating fully from your God-self and there is no separation.  You have now caught up with your Spirit.  Time is speeding up to the point where it becomes simultaneous.

You have built the structure of your Merkaba and you are now hooked up into the upper dimensional vehicle through the axiatonal lines. 

The axiatonal lines are part of your emobided Light body strucutre and they also connect you to other star systems and universes.  In the course of your mutation a whole new fifth-dimensional circulatory system has been built.

What you love to do more than anything in the world is your key to manifesting your part in the Divine Plan.  You may be a specialist in diplomacy, new family structures, new forms of government, or how to equitably allocate food and other resources on a global scale.  Creating new types of community living, new rituals for an awakened spirituality, new Light based technologies, or new experiences through the arts.

You are manifesting your vision of Heaven on Earth and expressing the ecstasy in your Spirit.

Twelfth Light Body Activation

Heaven on Earth

You are now fully conscious with the Source and all of creation. You are operating from the vastness of your Spirit and you have all the DNA encodements to fulfil all of your functions as a fully operating Spirit-in Action.

You can step outside of karma as all of your parallel realities are pulled back together. You act on your decisions about what to do and how to live your life for the benefit of all mankind.

At this level we are working with many of the Ascended Masters and Councils of Light on the inner planes as well as connecting with other 12th level initiates to create and affect change energetically and physically upon this sacred earth so all life may know themselves as Love.

Additionally through the pathways of Divine Love we have created for ourselves and others, more and more Souls awaken to the knowing that they are Love, as together we co-create Heaven on Earth.  With this, the last Christed Petal of the peaceful heart activates for all Life on this sacred earth.

 Manifesting heaven on earth is within your realm of choice.