What clients and students are saying about Chrissy Lilburn and Celestial Awakenings

I began working with Chrissy several years ago after a personal recommendation from a colleague. I was in a challenged ‘stuck ‘ place professionally and personally. My health was being compromised and I was not dealing well with stress.

After my first session I felt uplifted, like a huge weight had been lifted within and was drawn to continue working with Chrissy.  It felt as though layers were being peeled back. Your own body is the vehicle for your personal issues and Chrissy works with this without personal interference or comment. You feel as though in a sacred (and safe) place, and learn much about yourself! 

After experiencing such profound shifts, I wanted to participate in the workshops she was offering in order to continue my own journey with myself - and use her Celestial Awakening processes on my family and friends.

Participating in the workshops with a small group of like minded yet diverse  people, was informative and really enjoyable and empowering. Again, the experience of layers being peeled back and healed within the energy bodies.

I recommend working with Chrissy to anyone wanting to take responsibility for their own healing, growth and transformation."

Sandie Hunt   |   Client and Student of Celestial Awakenings

Chrissy has a depth and breadth of knowledge and expertise that enables her to offer an extensive range of; healing, teaching, coaching and transition services.

Chrissy is extremely compassionate and non-judgemental, creating a safe environment in which you can review what needs to be transformed, healed or released.

A talented and resilient professional that excels in clearing energy blockages to help you gain clarity, direction and manifest positively in your life.

Through the provision of a unique connection between the spiritual and the physical worlds, Chrissy enables you to explore a brighter tomorrow and make confident choices.

Chrissy has always been generous with her time, attention and gifts and inspires me to focus upon serving a purpose and then allowing my purpose to serve me.

I highly recommend Chrissy as an alternative practitioner and consultant to awaken you so you may travel far on your path!

Tanya Myers   |   Face to Face Limited

Specialising in: Human Resources Consulting, Coach and Counsellor

My journey with Celestial Awakenings began about 15 years ago. At that time I was looking for an alternative healing modality for my first child who was experiencing intense night terrors. I had explored all options known to me then covering health and emotions, but I felt like the situation required another approach, one coming from a spiritual perspective.

My search eventually led to a mutual friend recommending Chrissy. Her energy healing not only provided relief from our stressful night time situation, it also offered explanations for a very real, but yet intangible aspect of our lives. We then became regular clients of Chrissy’s.

Several years later, in conversation with another friend who had also become her client, we contemplated how empowering it would be if we could do the same energy healing ourselves. As it turned out, Chrissy started teaching this healing modality and over a period of several years I became a practitioner myself.

I still continued to see Chrissy for my own healing sessions, and also did regular healing on my family and friends. But the potency of this healing didn’t end there for me.

I discovered that this modality worked hand in hand with other healing modalities such as massage, flower essences and acupuncture, and was just as highly effective when done remotely. Today Celestial Awakenings is still very much a part of my life and I continue to regularly practise it.”

Cindy   |   Client and Student of Celestial Awakenings

I first came to Chrissie and Celestial Healing for my teenage daughter who was buried under mental, emotional and physical pain. She was also completely anti anything I offered to help her and would barely speak to me.

Surrogacy Healing

I had used surrugacy in Touch for Health to good effect and asked Chrissie if it would be ok to help our daughter this way. Using muscle testing we were given permission by her Higher Self to proceed and this was the beginning of her healing journey. It opened the way to heal our relationship, begin the healing of her heart and soul, and also got her to a cranio-sacral therapist which began her physical healing too.

I have also used surrogacy for our sons. For example, one time Chrissie and I were working on a particular attitude that was hindering my son's school work and affecting his emotional and social interactions. The session was in the morning and I found his attutide changed and lightened hugely when I picked him up later from school. Chrissie had activated a flower essence blend within the healing session which spoke directly to the attitude and emotions invloved.

For myself, I found Celestial Healing plumbed depths of consciousness I hadn't known I had access too. As each layer of healing was worked through, I became clearer, more confident in my own Being and more able to help others as they have come to me.

Blessings | Fiona | Client