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$80 for a one hour treatment

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In the year 2000 I created a vibrational healing modality called Celestial Awakenings.

Why Celestial Awakenings ... to me it was about waking up and connecting with our Celestial nature and using this connection for healing in the highest possible way.

To be able to create more harmony and balance in my life, and deepening my understanding of the metaphysical world.

We all deserve to lead a long and healthy life to best of our abilities.  Using energy work to release suffering and pain is one of many ways to achieve these goals. 

Reading the Akashic Records is a new tool in my clinic and accesses fifth dimensional quantum energy that I have found to be fast and effective.  This energy is benevolent and smart.  Read My Blog for more information.

Over the years I have participated in many different healing trainings and workshops, and I bring all this experience and knowledge into my clinic practice.

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How Vibrational Healing Works for You

Hands of Light Energy Healing

During a Vibrational Healing session you are connected to the Divine Source and to your Oversoul.

Energy is then transfered into and through your body and fields in a calm and gentle way either releasing blockages or restoring the flow.  This allows your whole system to gently come back into balance.

Our human energy field is like a sponge for all of our emotions - good emotions, bad emotions and even feeling indifferent.  Many of these emotions are taken on board when we are very young and have no control over our environment.

When we hold on to our feelings they remain in our field and become continually triggered by the events around us. Often we absorb emotions from people we are close to and make them our own, without realizing this is what we are doing.  

From conception to the age of seven we reside predominately in an Alpha state.  This is where the unconscious mind absorbs everything that happens to us.

We are in a vulnerable state and if our environment is not optimal then we will absorb that lack.  

Hara Alignment The Sacred Path ClinicWhen you create the space that allows healing to happen your innate body wisdom already  knows what to do, and has everything it needs to heal any situation, you just need to give it the opportunity.

Healing in this way opens up a direct communication link with your body system and your core soul, acknowledging a deeper level of yourself that often remains hidden.

As we mature and our environment continues to confirm an undesirable state then we will start to run these as unconscious programmes and behaviours.  Most of the time we don't even know we are doing it!

The human energy field is a complex accumulation of events, emotions, triggers, past life memories, childhood traumas and other peoples stuff.  

Dis-harmony causes dis-ease. When you return to a life of balance, healing follows. When you gently come into a state of alignment with your own nature as well as the natural world, a state of harmony is created.

Before you can have harmony outside, you must experience it inside. As you step forward and start to make easy changes and adjustments within yourself, before you know it, you will be affecting your outer world in a much more positive way.

By working directly in the field these triggers can be balanced, cleared and released - leaving you feeling light, joyous, relaxed, calm and peaceful.  

After your first session you can expect to feel calm and peaceful, and many clients experience a lightess of being and a feeling of upliftment.

Sleep can also be enhanced after a healing session of this type.

This type of energy work is completely complimentary to any type of traditional treatment or non-traditional treatment that you may be undertaking.  You soul essence is directing where the energy needs to go for the most benefit, and so you are always in control on a very deep level.  Your soul will never take you where it is too uncomfortable to go, until you are ready to go there.

Surougacy Treatments

These are special treatments that can be carried out for children and other family members who are unable to attend the clinic.  

For children it is usually better for the adult (parent) to attend on their behalf.  Sometimes a treatment may come across as too overwhelming for a child to comprehend.  Up until around the age of 15 the child's soul essence is still very connected to the parents auric field and so permission is not always required to work with them.

For family members unable to attend the clinic, permission must be obtained to work through another.  This is easily done and the affects are always amazing.